Rottler EM107H

Multi Purpose CNC Machining Center including HSK80A Spindle Taper

Pricing from: US$695,000.00 (subject to individual tooling requirements)

All pricing excludes freight, delivery, insurance, installation, commissioning and training 

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Machine Operations

  • Automatic Tool Changer
  • Block Surfacing
  • Blue Print Boring
  • Boring & Sleeving
  • Circular Interpolation
  • Connecting Rod Boring
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Cylinder Head Resurfacing
  • Lifter Boring
  • Line Boring
  • Multi Purpose CNC (Custom Parts)
  • Thrust Cutting

All EM100 machines employ an array of features which help maximize the productivity capabilities of the machines. Quick tooling change-over maximizes the versatility and flexibility of the machine, allowing boring and surfacing in one set-up. EM100 Series machines have the capability of Boring, Surfacing, Line Boring, and Universal Machining.

Traveling column and spindle movements are operated by precision ball screws and AC servo motors. Optional Automatic cycle software and production tooling allow complete block banks to be machined without operator attendance, once the job is set up and the “cycle start” button is pressed, the operator is free to “walk away” and do other work while the EM100 completes a block bank or main line bore unattended!

  • EM100 machines incorporate the use of a large diameter hard chromed spindle, utilizing high precision angular contact bearings and automatic lubrication.
  • Machine ways are induction hardened and coated with turcite low friction material and supplied with air pressure to reduce friction and give long service life.
  • Anti friction ball screws and AC Servo motors provide precise machine positioning and rapid feed rates.
  • Air power drawbar allows cutterheads to be changed in seconds increasing productivity and reducing operator fatigue – the machine can be changed from boring to surfacing in less than 15 seconds!
  • Automated workhead tilting system for surfacing provides “back clearance” for superior surface finish.
    Increased clearance from spindle centerline to the machine’s column allow large castings to be set up and machined.
Standard Equipment
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine Using Windows Operating System and Industrial PC with Intel Processor.
  • Programming and Control Thru A 19″ (483mm) Computerized Touch Screen.
  • Precision Position Display in .0001″ (.002mm) Resolution
  • Software Options Available for Programmable & Automated Cycles Such as Boring, Surfacing, Lower Sleeve Offset Boring, Water Hole Repairs, Main & Cam Line Boring, General CNC Machine Work
  • USB Flash Drive for File Transfer to and From Computer
  • Internet connection to the machine computer must be provided for training support and service.
  • Machine/Computer Can Operate In Either Inch Or Metric System
  • High Torque Servo Spindle Motor – Continuous 1925 in.lbs – 220NM. Peak 5775 in.lbs – 652NM
  • Spindle Rotation Speed – Infinitely Variable 0 1000RPM
  • Hard Chromed Precision Spindle Diameter 6″ (150mm) with High Speed Angular Contact Bearings
  • SPINDLE TAPER – HSK80A QUICK CHANGE allows Automatic Tool Changing System
  • DIRECT DRIVE 3 Axis Movement by Precision Ball Screws & AC Servo Motors – Infinitely Variable
  • Horizontal Movement (X Axis) – Left and Right Direction – 164″ (4165mm)
  • Horizontal Movement (Y Axis) – In and Out Direction – 24″ (610mm)
  • Vertical Movement (Z Axis) – Up and Down – 36″ (915mm)
  • Vertical, Horizontal and Spindle Load Monitoring for Fast Overload Shut Down
  • Electronic Hand Wheel for Manual Movement – Per Click: Coarse Mode .01″
    (.25mm) Medium Mode .001″ (.01mm) Fine Mode .0001″ (.002mm)
  • Infinitely Variable Feedrates Adjustable by Hand Wheel During Automatic Cycles
  • Fast Rapid and Jog Speeds for Reduced Cycle Time
  • Automatic Work Head Tilt System for Back Clearance During Surfacing
  • Air Assisted Quick Change Cutterhead Draw Bar System
  • Heat Treated Mehanite Cast Iron Machine Castings
  • Air Pressurized Column for Less Friction and Accurate Positioning
  • Turcite Coated Slideways for Low Friction and Extended Life
  • Linear Roller Guideways in X-axis for Smooth and Precise Movement.
  • Automatic Central Lubrication System Monitored by Computer
  • Chip Guard vertically adjustable with 2 LED work lights
  • Operation, Programming and Spare Parts Manual – Digital
  • Paint Color Code: RAL9002 (Grey White)

Over 20 years ago, Rottler pioneered automation by utilizing electronics and computers. Today, Rottler utilizes the latest computer technology to make automation easy to learn, versatile to operate and upgradeable for future software. Windows operating system and touch screen control make a simple operator interface. Touch screen control allows ONLY the buttons and information required for each operation to be displayed, “hiding” the complex computer functions in the background. Operators are able to learn advanced machining functions in just a few days.

Common, everyday jobs such as boring, surfacing and line boring can be easily automated with the EM100 machines. Operator attendance is only required for set up. The machine is able to bore along a complete cylinder bank automatically. Likewise, the machine is capable of line boring along a main line automatically.

Often when surfacing a block, more than one pass is required. The EM100 can be programmed for multiple passes, moving down the exact amount each pass and completing with a finish cut for the required surface finish during the final pass.

Bore centers are either measured from the block or from a blueprint, then saved in the memory. The EM100 machine moves automatically to the exact positions, which is useful when multiple boring operations are required for jobs such as resleeving. For special applications, Optional Renishaw Wireless Probing can automatically find bore centers and measure diameters.

When resleeving the lower seal area of wet liner blocks, it is often required to bore adiameter larger than the upper diameter. Rottler’s Automatic Lower Sleeve Repair Software allows the machine to offset so that the boring tool will clear the upper diameter, move down, then move back on center to bore the lower area on center with the upper bore. Once boring is complete, the machine will index the cutting tool, offset the programmed amount and retract and continue to the next cylinder – automatically.

EM107H Machine Specifications American Metric
Control Automatic
Touch Screen 15″ 381mm
Table – Size 67.5″ x 240″ 1700 x 6100mm
Table – T Slots 4
Travel – Horizontal (X Axis) 164″ 4166mm
Travel – In/Out (Y Axis) 24″ 600mm
Travel – Vertical (Z Axis) 36″ 915mm
Travel – Spindle Nose to Table 67.58″ 1716mm
Travel – Spindle Center to Column 43.5″ 1100mm
Spindle – Rotation Speed 0 to 1000 RPM
Spindle – Motor 17 HP 12.75 Kw
Cylinder Bore Range (with Optional Cutterheads) .75″ – 20″ 19 – 500mm
Line Bore Range (with Optional Cutterheads) 2″ – 12″ 50 – 300mm
Surfacing Cutterhead Diameters 10″, 15″, 18″ & 22″ 250, 340, 460 & 575mm
Dimensions – Floor Space Requirements 166D x 280W” 4216D x 7112Wmm
Machine Weight 39000 lbs 17690 kg
Electrical Requirements 220V, 60A, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
Air Requirements cfm @ 100 psi l/min @ 6 bar
Paint Color Code RAL9002 (Grey White)