AZ’s story started in 1953 under the name Zanrosso in the field of automotive aftersales service with the production of lathes for brake drums and discs for vehicles. In 1976, Tecnodue Company was created and its speciality was in garage equipment such as two-post lifts and gas analysers. Year by year the products improved until they became a worldwide leader in machine tools for engine rebuilding, marine engines and railway engines.

AZ’s missionis to project and design machines to each and every customers individual needs and to solve the particular grinding problems specific to complex workpiece shapes. Thanks to a team of professional and leading engineers AZ has the ability to ensure advanced technological solutions and performance machines.


Crankshaft Grinding Machines



Height of Centers  260mm
Max Distance Between Centers  1500mm
Swing Over Table  520mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter  660mm
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Height of Centers  270mm
Max Distance Between Centers  2000mm
Swing Over Table  540mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter  710mm
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Height of Centers  300mm
Max Distance Between Centers  2200mm
Swing Over Table  600mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter  815mm
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Height of Centers  360mm
Max Distance Between Centers  3300mm
Swing Over Table  720mm
Grinding Wheel Diameter  915mm
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