Rottler SG90MTS

ACTIV SPINDLE Large Capacity Valve Cylinder Head Machining Center

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Machine Operations

  • Seat & Guide Machining

Product Details


The all new SG90MTS has a MANUALMATIC Touch Screen control similar to previous MANUALMATIC models but now features the proven ACTIV spindle system mounted on triple air float centering system to improve CONCEN accuracy and allow the use of small diameter pilots for small diameter valve seats. Spindle down feed is operated by the steering hand wheel. The table of the machine is mounted on linear slideways to allow effortless IN/OUT adjustment in the Y direction.

  • Light Weight Workhead floats on Base Plate – The new design SG series utilizes a very light workhead that floats independently on a base plate allowing precise centering of the pilot in the valve guide. The base plate moves the workhead from guide-to-guide by a precision ball screw and servo motor. The complete assembly clamps with air pressure for rigid machining.
  • Multi Angle Seat Cutting – Rottler’s Precision CNC Ground Fine Grain Carbide Seat Cutting Inserts are available in many different designs to suit customer requirements: single angle, multi angle or curves and radius shapes are available. All valve seats in a cylinder head are exactly the same and the SG100XY cuts every seat to the same depth.
  • Cutting Insert Sharpener – Machine Mounted diamond wheel tool sharpener for fast, easy sharpening of multi angle cutting inserts.
  • Electronic Level and Angle Sensor – Digital Readout on the Touch Screen allows different Cylinder Heads to be leveled quickly and accurately.

Heavy Duty ACTIV SPINDLE with Rottler R40 taper – Diameter 3.70″ (94mm) Hardened and Ground with 10″ (250mm) of vertical travel
Rottler Automatic Tightening and Quick Release Spindle Lock Nut System for One Hand Operation for fitting and removing tooling to and from the spindle
Spindle Travel by Precision Ball Screw & AC Servo Motor – Infinitely Variable Vertical Movement – Z Axis – Up and Down – 10″ (250mm)
Spindle Rotation by AC Servo Motor – Infinitely Variable to 1000 RPM
Machine Work Head Floats on Air Cushion for Precision Centering
Machine Work Head moves by servo motor in X axis by precision ball screw – 40″(1025mm) Travel
Machine Table/Fixture moves by servo motor in Y axis on linear slideways – 6″ (150 mm) Travel
Spindle Head Tilt – 10 Degrees to left and right for canted angle valve guide cylinder heads
Built In Vacuum Tester including Hose, Filter and Pads
LED Work lights – either side of the spindle giving shadowless view of valve seat area
Paint Color Code: RAL9002 (Grey White)

SG90MTS Machine Specifications American Metric
Touch Screen 15″ 380mm
Spindle – Diameter 3.7″ 94mm
Spindle – Rotation Speed Variable to 1000 RPM
Spindle – Motor 3.47 HP 2.59* Kw
Valve Seat Diameter Range .550″-6.0″ 0-152mm
Cylinder Head Dimensions (with 360 degree rollover fixture) 50L x XW x XH” 1270L x XW x XHmm
Spindle Travel/Stroke Vertical 10″ 2500mm
Spindle Motor Torque Peak lb/ft 20Nm
Workhead Tilt (either side of vertical zero) 10 Degrees
Dimensions – Machine 50D x 86W x 88″ H 1270D x 2184W x 2235mm H
Dimensions – Shipping 56D x 88W x 94″ H 1422D x 2235W x 2388mm H
Machine Weight 5700 lbs 2585 kg
Electrical Requirements 208-240V, 30A, 50/60Hz, 1Ph
Air Requirements cfm @ 90-100 psi l/min @ 6-6.6 bar