Rottler H87AXY

 CNC Automatic Vertical Honing Machine with Hole-to-Hole Automation

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Machine Operations

  • Cylinder Honing
  • Liner Honing


H87AXY Optional Equipment Catalog

Product Details


The H87AXY is a large capacity vertical stroke machine capable of honing large liners found in stationary and marine engines such as CAT 3600 and Wartsila 32/34 engines.

Special Version High Production Machine that can move automatically in both X and Y axis for automatic honing offset cylinder blocks and parts. This feature allows use of optional programmable roll over fixture to be able to hone a complete V block automatically – unattended! Includes feature to drain coolant out of block at end of cycle.Automatic Lower Crash Protection System Many Engine Blocks have interference in the lower area of the bores and can damage honing stones and holders. Everytime the H87X starts honing a cylinder, the machine will check bores for interference avoiding potential damage to honing stones and holders. Variances in lower bores are common. Rottler H87X Control senses lower bore interference prior torotation and stroking stroking motion starting at full power, eliminating any stone or holder damage.

  • Rottler Software is designed with Simplicity in mind. Conversational software allows operators to quickly and easily learn and create their own programs. It takes only a few minutes to create a new program for a new block then it is saved for future recall and use.

Standard Equipment

Special Heavy Duty Version High Production Machine that can move automatically in both X and Y axis for automatic honing offset cylinder blocks. 

Automatic Lower Crash Protection System – every time cycle start is activated, the machine will check that the stones will not interfere with lower bore before starting rotation and stroking preventing stone and stone holder damage.

Spindle Taper with Quick Change System – change hone heads in seconds without any wrenches

Automatic Honing Stone retract at End of Cycle – the machine will automatically retract the stones during last stroke so that the stones do not leave any scratches or marks in the bore.

Automatic Cross Hatch Angle System –  the machine will automatically adjust parameters to programmed cross hatch angle and finish the bore to programmed angle.

Automatic Roughing and Finishing Load Sensing System – machine controls load/pressure that the honing stones exert against the cylinder wall and reduces load during finishing cycle. 

Automatic Short Stroke and Dwell – machine detects tight area and short stroke or dwells.

Automatic Stone Feed-out System – once hone head is positioned in the bore, the machine automatically expands stones and rotates slowly before starting hone cycle

Automatic Plateau Finish Program – the machine automatically expands plateau stones/brushes to programmed load and counts down number of plateau strokes, then withdraws the stones/brushes and retracts the hone head to the clearance position.

Control and programming through 15″ (400mm) CNC Touch Screen Control

Precision Display in .0001″ (.002mm) resolution

Industrial PC with Windows Operating System

WiFi Adapter, USB Flash Drive, and Headset

Remote training, service and support via internet – internet connection to machine required

Operation in either American or Metric systems

Horizontal Movement (X Axis)
Left and Right Direction – 38″ (965mm) – movement is manually on linear slideways

Horizontal Movement (Y Axis) Front and Back Direction – 5″ (127mm) – movement is on linear slideways and is powered by servo motor. 

Vertical Movement (Z Axis) Up and Down – 40″ (1016mm) – movement is on linear slideways and is powered by servo motor. Special version machine with increased stroke length is available – price on application.  

Stroking System CNC SERVO Controlled High Pitch Ball Screw System 

Infinitely Variable Stroke Speed Control – Variable from 0 to 1500IPM (38m/min)

Rapid Stroke System Acceleration – 250in/sec (6.35m/sec)

Spindle Rotation System – CNC SERVO Controlled High Torque Spindle Rotation System – 88 ft.lbs (120NM) 

Infinitely Variable Spindle RPM Control – Variable from 0 to 200RPM

(2) Stone Trays for up to 6 stone holder sets with built-in Dial Bore Gage Holder

Hone Head Storage Rack for up to 5 Hone Heads

Coolant System Large Capacity coolant tank 70 Gal (265 Liter) – tank is located under the machine on wheels and rolls out for servicing from front or rear of machine

Magnetic system for primary filtering inside coolant tank. Magnets are removable for easy tank cleaning once tank is removed from under the machine

Lifetime Magnetic Canister Filter System includes tools for cleaning filter.

Replacable Cartridge Canister Filter System. Dual Gradient 50-5 Micron replacement filter cartridge keeps coolant and cabinet clean. Filter Cartridge 514-2-42C

Machine Cabinet finished in Baked Enamel Power Coated for easy cleaning and appearance

Operation, Programming and Spare Parts Manual – Digital

Paint Color Code: RAL9002 (Grey White)

Electrical requirements: 205-250V, 30A, 50/60Hz, 3Ph                   

Shipping weight 3700 lbs. (1,681 kg)

Shipping dimensions: 67 X 87 X 100″ H (1702 X 2210 X 2540mmh)                              

H87AXY Machine Specifications American Metric
Control CNC Touch Screen
Diameter Range 1.69″ – 14.00″ 43-355 – Xmm
Workpiece Capacity – Length 55″ 1400mm
Torque at Hone Head 585in.lbs 265NM
Stroker Motor Torque 88.5in.lbs 40NM
Stroke System Acceleration 200in/sec2 5m/sec2
Spindle – Motor Torque 114in.lbs 53NM
Spindle Stroke Speed 0-1500ipm 0-38m/min
Stroker Motor Power 3.3HP 2.47KW
Travel – Horizontal (X Axis) 38″ 965mm
Spindle – Rotation Speed 1 to 400 RPM
Spindle – Motor 3.7 HP 2.77 Kw
Coolant Capacity 70 Gallons 265 Liters
Maximum Length of Cylinder 38″ 965mm
Stroke Length 40″ 1016mm
Dimensions – Shipping 54D x 72W x 114″ H 1372D x 1829W x 2896mm H
Machine Weight 4000 lbs 1814 kg
Electrical Requirements 208/240V, 30A, 50/60Hz, 3Ph
Paint Color Code RAL9002 (Grey White)