Robins SG8XL-Smart

Cylinder Head Valve Seat & Guide Machine, Offering True Manual or Smart Control Operation, Utilizing Fixed Carbide Centering Pilot

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Machine Operations

  • Seat & Guide Machining


Product Details


Our consistent high quality has been built upon by our total commitment and complete specialization to the production of supreme quality valve seat and guide machines exclusively. Our unique production facility uses the most advanced manufacturing techniques and is governed by most rigid quality control.

Robins exclusive patented multi-angle seat tooling eliminates the need for bounce springs. Robins patented tooling holds the ball driver firmly, yet allows the sphere to float during seat cutting. This eliminates the troublesome bounce springs but gives you the ultimate in valve seat concentricity.

Robins machines offer a wide range of tooling & fixtures for machining a variety of cylinder heads as well as all the required operations from seat cutting, guide finishing to injector tube machining.

Standard Equipment

SMART Simple-Manual-Auto-Reliable-Tuff

Smart Control Offers 2 Leveling Modes, Set Points for Rough & Finish RPM, Set point for Auto Spindle Start, Set Point for Final Depth, Vertical Position Read-out and Switch to Toggle from Manual Controls to Smart Controls. 

Machine Work Head Floats on Air Cushion for Precision Centering 

R1 Taper 3.150″ (80mm) Hardened and Ground Spindle with 8.5″ (216mm) of hand wheel travel

Rapid and Fine Feed Mechanism for Precise Valve Seat Depth and Surface Finish

Steering Wheel for Rapid Spindle Up and Down Feed 

Quick Change Tool Retention System for fast location over pilot and accurate centering (Patented) – no bounce springs required

Spindle Rotation Speed Infinitely Variable from 35 – 500RPM

Two Spindle Rotation Modes, Spindle Speed Set by Operator or CVS Constantly Varying Speed – Automatic, eliminates chatter when cutting hard valve seats

Work Head tilts 10 degrees in both directions for Canted Valve Guides

2 LED Work lights – either side of the spindle giving shadowless view of valve seat area

Tool Storage Cabinet with three  drawers, mounts on the machine and swivels for ease of use

Single Vial / Bubble Level

Built in Vacuum Tester, Kit includes hose, filter and 7 different shape pads

Paint Color (White)

SG8XL-Smart Machine Specifications


Cylinder Head Size (in Roll Fixture)

1200mm x 380mm x 254mm

Spindle Tilt

+- 15 Degrees

Spindle Stroke


Spindle Speed

35-500 RPM

Surface Finish

< 0.4 RA μm

Micro Fine Feed


Spring Free Tooling


Constant Varying Speed