Robins RubiSurf 1.7

CNC Automatic Programmable Cylinder Block and Head Surfacing Machine

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  • Cylinder Block and Head Surfacer


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Product Details


Robins RubiSurf 1.7 is a CNC Automatic Programmable Cylinder Block and Head Surfacing Machine with a maximum workhead travel of 1065mm (Cylinder Head Length approximately 865mm)

  • Rubi-Surf 1.7 uses a 360mm diameter cutterhead as standard.
  • CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machine Using RubiSmart Series Touch Screen Technology Software.
  • Allows programming to be very simple and easy to learn the machine very quickly. No CNC training needed.
  • Precision Programming And Control via a 10″ (250 mm) Computerized Touch Screen.
  • Software For Programmable & Automated Cycles such as single pass or multi-pass to pre-set depth for machining can be pre-set.
  • Machine / Computer can operate In either Inch Or Metric System
  • Programmable rapid touch-off -for reduced cycle time. On completion of automatic cycle, cutterhead returns to pre-set vertical zero height
  • Vertical Feed Motor – AC Servo Motors Infinitely Variable
  • Max workhead travel 1000mm
  • Vertical And Spindle Load Monitoring for Fast Overload Shut Down
  • Precision Position Display In .001″ (.02Mm) Resolution.
  • Electronic Hand Wheel For Manual Movement – Per Click: Mode Fine .001″ (.02mm); Rapid 0.005″ ( 0.10mm)
  • High Performance Spindle Rotation by AC SERVO MOTOR – Infinitely Variable To 1000 Rpm for machining Cast iron and Aluminium cylinder heads and blocks.
  • Infinitely Variable travel feeds Feed rates from 125 mm to 500 mm/min for desired surface finish. Adjustable On Screen During Automatic Cycles
  • Slideways coated with low friction turcite for durability.
  • Multi piece metal slideway cover protects ball screw and slideways from dust and chips.
  • Central Lubrication System; cutterhead guard; Large Base makes it easy to mount fixtures.
  • PCD Round Insert, 3/8″ IC, for super finishing aluminum
  • CBN Round Insert, 3/8″ IC, for cast iron
  • CBN Round Insert , 1/2″ IC, for cast iron
  • PCD Round Insert, 1/2″ IC, for super finishing aluminum
  • Leveling Table complete with universal work holding system for cylinder heads and small in-line blocks.
  • Dual Axis Level Assembly

Cutterhead Diameter


Max Work Head Travel


Cylinder Head Length


Spindle Speed

200-1000 RPM Variable

Operator Panel

Rubisurf Touch Screen Smart Series


Centrally Lubricated

Paint Color Code


Electrical Requirements

208-240V, 20A, 50/60Hz, 1Ph

Floor space requirement

2500×1450 mm