Robins GH8

Super precision valve guide honing machine

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Machine Operations

  • Guide Honing


GH8 Brochure

Product Details


GH8 and GH90 are super precision valve guide honing machines and have been specifically designed for machine shops building small to mid-size cylinder heads as well as high volume engine re-builders.

Complete set of honing tools are available for any and all applications – from 4mm to 16mm guide bores.

Touch screen programming offers the operator a friendly one-touch setup and ease of operation. The touch screen increases productivity several times and eliminates all buttons and switches, saving operator time in set-ups.

  • No conventional reaming of guides ever needed
  • Stock removal up to 0.25mm possible
  • Hone guides within 0.00254mm bore geometry
  • Tooling kits available from 4mm through to 16mm guide bores
  • Optional Diamond Sleeve Mandrels in Carbide Material for small guides (4mm to 7mm)
  • GH90 is fully automated guide to guide model
  • Guide length measuring gauge
  • Honing-tool pre-qualifying gauge
  • Nano-precision master gauge to inspect Dia & Taper in honed guide within 0.00254mm
  • Honing sleeve removal fixture
  • Hone sleeve size adjusting fixtures
  • Tool adjusting spanner (2 in 1)
  • Guide leveling pilots

GH8 Machine Specifications


Cylinder Head Size (in Roll Fixture)

111.76cm x 30.48cm x 15.24cm

Spindle Tilt

+- 10 Degrees

Spindle Stroke


Spindle Speed

70-400 RPM

Surface Finish

0.3 – 1.25 μmRa