BO Berco BT6VS

Line boring machines for cylinder heads and blocks

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Machine Operations

  • Cylinder Head & Block Line Boring


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Product Details


Drawing on their long experience and in-depth knowledge of the requirements of those operating in the sector of internal combustion engine reconditioning, Berco have designed and produced a boring machine which combines small size with high output. Overall this machine offers technical and operational features available in no other boring machine of this type, and represents a definite contribution to the most recent technology developments in engine reconditioning.

They are specially designed for reconditioning the camshaft seats in cylinder head blocks, both through and dead-end type. Furthermore, they also provide excellent results in the reconditioning of crankshaft seats in in-line or “V” cylinder blocks of automobiles or light trucks.The BT6 VS version presents,comparison to the BT6, the possibility of a continuous speed variation in order to optimize the spindle rotation in accordance with the type of work and type of insert

The main features of the BT6 VS boring machines are:

  • Tough construction Compact and rational, the machine’s main structure consists of electro-welded steel elements which are heat-treated to guarantee not only rigidity but also the maintenance of the precision construction features over time.
  • Machining quality High level surface finishes can be obtained without difficulty since the drive systems for rotation and boring bar feed do not incorporate gears, drive screws or other possible sources of Line boring machines for cylinder heads and blocks vibration. The direct motor-spindle shaft drive system uses a high-flexibility belt, while spindle feed, adjustable on a continuous scale, is powered by a hydraulic-pneumatic system
  • Machining precision – Reliable and easily obtained thanks to the special measurement and control devices supplied as standard with the machine.
  • Easy to use The logical result of an exclusive machine designed for special processing with every detail planned to make the operator’s task easier. The three bar-support arms are supplied ready aligned. The arms are fixed to the cross-bar by means of a pre-loaded cam device which guarantees rapid maneuvering while at the same time ensuring that the alignment between the arms is maintained. The parallel supports, which can be moved longitudinally along two cross-bars, are fitted with grips for transverse and vertical shifts.
  • Hydraulic-pneumatic system Just one directional control valve controls boring bar feed. Even though they are controlled by the same lever, rapid feed and operating feed are fully independent.
  • Accessories The BT6 VS boring machines are supplied complete with everything for their immediate use; a large number of useful optional accessories are also available to make the various processes even simpler and more economical.

Boring Range

25 – 85mm

Max Spindle Traverse

Min Cylinder Head or Block Length


Max Cylinder Head or Block Length


Minx and max distance from parallel supports


Dimension of Machine (L x W x H)

1780mm x 800mm x 1385mm